We are a company that evolves along with our clients

Flash diagnosis of opportunities

Very thorough supervision

Focused on artificial intelligence and digital solutions

Agile methodologies with short term deliverables

We get involved in the execution and operation

Measurable results

We are a team of experts grouped around four main service lines: Supervision and control of “Project Finance”, Customer Experience, Commercial optimization, transformation of businesses and teams.

We use agile methodologies, digital and artificial solutions and blockchain services. We develop ad hoc tools according to the needs of our clients and the projects.

We are focused on sectors such as: investments funds and financial services, telecommunications, energy, infra-structures and real estate.

We are specialist in turn-key solutions, starting from the concept, planification and development and going through until implementation, operation and supervision.

Supervision, control and development of complex "Project Finance" for Investment funds, investors and banks

Investors, funds, banks and fiduciary managers need to structure complex financing operations to develop new businesses. These financial structures need a thorough and rigorous supervision both in the initial analysis phase as well as in the disbursement and final stages of the business/operation to assure the recovery of the investment and expected profit. SPC has a team of experts composed by analysts for the due diligence stage, financial controllers and engineers for the supervision during the disbursement and project development stages. We also have sector specific experts and controllers for the restructuring phase, launch and KPI control in order to assure the recovery of the principal and profit.

End to end commercial optimization, from pre-sales to the “welcome” contact

SPC accompanies the teams of its client companies in the Control and Improvement of their Commercial Processes using digitalization and ad-hoc tools such as the “Omnichannel Funnel” and “Artificial Intelligence” algorithms that allow the commercial agents to make early adjustments of their recommendations to prospects and customers on the key moments of sales. The “end to end” commercial control goes from: agility in launching offers, training and skills of the commercial agents, tools for early detection of opportunities and ad-hoc recommendations, control of the activation/logistics process to the customer welcome call/contact and their initial use experiences.

Managing customer experience and abandonment by clusters

The operational customer management model is in permanent adjustment. We help companies to design and optime their Customer Journeys, to the operational level and adapted to each Customer Cluster. We guide our clients so they improve their metrics and chose the most adequate KPI’s without which they can’t leverage customer perception (NPS/TNPS, CSAT, CES, CDI …). We implement Operational Customer Journeys (OCJ) with early warnings to better drive the operational control of the customer experience. We adjust the journeys and operational processes with ‘hard’ business indicators such as churn reduction, cross sales rates increase or digitalization of interactions to assure an agile experience at an optimized cost.

Planification and management of Transformation, Change and Digitalization

We have developed the “Ten pillars of change” methodology to boost company Transformation and restructuring programs. Digitalization, team management and orientation towards the customer are the basis of transformation. We define, facilitate and do the operational management of the program with the client’s team in ten steps: 1- understand the level of urgency from the top management, 2- involve the teams, 3- set the goals,  4- plan the roadmap, 5- launch urgent short term projects, 6- develop key medium term projects with progressive agile deliverables, 7- measure, measure and measure KPI’s, 8- boost culture-brand, 9- boost digitalization and 10- coordinate internal communication every step of the program.