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Our broad experience in multiple projects helps us understand our client needs and produce recommendations that match those needs and are quick to implement.
At SPC ServiceProfit Consulting we offer expert advice with a specialization in the following three areas of key importance to companies nowadays:

Client Marketing

Channel Development

Operational Excellence

"From data overload to competitive advantage"
"Efficiently maximized potential market penetration"
"Organizations that survive are those better prepared to deal with change"
Desarrollo de Canales
Marketing de Clientes
Excelencia en las Operaciones
Continuous improvement programs
Management of suppliers and outsourced services
PMO supported with "microconsulting"
Operational and cultural integration after mergers and acquisitions
"End-to-end" management of key processess
Concrete recommendations  ready to be implemented

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Customer develpoment and loyalty models
Customer segmentation and target selection
Predictive behavior disposition models
Business modeling: forecast of key indicators
Market analysis and competitive benchmarking
Management of on/off-shore Call Center platforms
Customer Care and Tech Support models
Cross-channel strategy for sales and customer care platforms
Channel mix and coverage optimization
Improvement of Communication and coordination between channels
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