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At SPC ServiceProfit Consulting we focus on providing companies with the information,
conclusions and recommendations needed to:

- Make operative decisions
- Forecast and plan with accuracy
- Execute winning strategies

Our methodology of analysis and judgmental vision allows us to reduce uncertainties, isolate
facts from beliefs or organizational inertia and limit the emotional elements that may be
affecting decision making.

We have the ability to manage very large amounts of data, closing the usual gap at many
clients between availability of data and data/fact-based analysis. At SPC ServiceProfit
Consulting we know how to deal with:

- Lack of global vision of the information available that in many occasions is fragmented
and spread across many different areas of the company

- Lack of flexibility in the information systems of companies, usually overloaded with
daily processes and operations, which prevents them from properly responding to ad-hoc
demands for analysis to monitor new processes or new indicators

- A huge volume of data that is often not exploitable by common tools available at many
Concrete recommendations  ready to be implemented
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Success stories:

Customer clustering

Revenue model for credit cards

Differentiating by linking customers
Customer development and loyalty models

Linking and development of existing customers is
much more efficient than attracting new
customers. >>
Customer segmentation and target selection
We help to segment customer base so that
differentiated, but operable, value propositions
can be designed and delivered for each segment.
Predictive behavior disposition models
We help modeling future behavior to assess the
impact on the company and design actions that
can be done to influence that behavior. >>
Business modeling
Essential to evaluate strategic alternatives,
making investment / divestment decisions, or
mergers and acquisitions. >>

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