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SPC ServiceProfit Consulting has a broad experience in a number of industries. Our teams always work in close contact with our client’s management, supporting them identify and implement business solutions that have greatly contributed to boost sustainable growth.
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Delivering Profitable Growth

The following examples will show you how our teams work to deliver great results to our clients:

Designing a strategy for growth from leadership

We helped a company with over 20 years of leadership in its sector to reconsider its strategy and to develop a new business plan. +Info>>

Differentiating by linking customers

An international telecommunications operator identified Customer Orientation as a strategic priority to achieve sustainable differentiation. +Info>>

Evolving the Call Center management model

We promoted a deep change in the processes and tools for managing customer service platforms, getting a clear improvement in service quality whilst total operating costs were reduced. +Info>>

Transforming the Technology unit to bring it closer to business and customers

We helped the Technology Area of a multinational corporation to complete a deep cultural change that succeeded in improving both employee engagement and operating indicators, reducing development and maintenance timelines. +Info>>
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